UK Residential Mortgages To Live

UK Residential Mortgages To Live


As an expatriate mortgage broker we help expats not only with buy to let investment property mortgages but also with residential mortgages. Clients will generally use a residential mortgage if they would like to live in their UK residential property when they return to the United Kingdom on holiday vacations. It could also be that they are returning to live in the UK in the imminent future such as in the next 12 to 18 months and need to have a mortgage for them before returning. We can help clients based overseas as an expat looking at returning to the UK in the near future or long term future.

Why choose PEM for your mortgage

For Ex-Pats or foreign nationals, buying in the UK whilst based overseas, an already difficult process becomes more time-consuming. For foreign nationals, this can be made worse if English isn’t the first language. Our aim is to take the stress out of the process, by not only sourcing you the best mortgage. An agreement that allows a borrower to borrow money from a Lender, by using a property as security for the loan granted. The Lender will take a charge over the property to secure their loan but also by processing all of the required documentation on your behalf. As well as a broker an agent that negotiates situations for others. For us, this definition goes much further. A good broker should be indispensable and add considerable value to you. We have not met any property professionals who do not recognize the importance of brokers. Think of a broker as an extension of your business; like another employee but they are variable cost not a fixed cost, the FD you can’t afford to hire. you will be assigned your own in-house administrator, who together will act as liaison between all of the third parties involved; estate agents, valuers. So whilst you’re sleeping in Singapore, we’ll still be working on your behalf. Our clients our international entrepreneurs, with income and assets in multiple jurisdictions. We have both the experience and know-how to to understand your financial position quickly.

Premier Expat Mortgages specializes in securing expat mortgages, expat life insurance, expat secured loans and commercial mortgages for expatriates worldwide. Our dedicated team ensures seamless transactions and competitive rates for expats purchasing property overseas or refinancing existing mortgages.