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Refinance to Save

Where you have an existing mortgage loan facility, we can review this for you. There could be an opportunity to reduce your monthly mortgage payments and save you money.

Refinance to Buy

Whether you own one property or a portfolio of more, we can review, recommend and arrange the refinancing of existing property to then release equity to raise capital for further property purchases or simply to free up cash.

Other Areas Of Financing Available

  • Expatriate Mortgages Based Overseas
  • International Mortgages for Expats
  • UK expat returning Residential Financing
  • Expatriate Buy To Let Mortgage
  • Expat Portfolio Refinancing
  • Mortgages Guaranteed by Rental Income only
  • Ex-Pat Equity Release
  • Overseas Income Mortgage
  • Expat Commercial Lending
    (Retail, office or Industrial)
  • Expatriate Secured Loans
  • Expatriate Bridging Finance
  • Ex Pat Life Insurance
  • London Investment Property for Asia Residents
  • Investment Property Furnishing for Expat Landlords
  • International Overseas Mortgages
  • London Buy to let Mortgages
  • New Build Mortgages
  • Fixed Rate Mortgages
  • Tracker Rate Mortgages
  • Overseas Investor Mortgages
  • London Investment Property for offshore residents
  • Capital Gains Tax help
  • UK Inheritance Tax help
  • B.V.I Ltd Company Mortgages
  • International Mortgages
  • Guarantor Mortgages for ex pats
  • Interest only Mortgages
  • Holiday home/let mortgages
  • HMO Mortgages

Countries We Finance

  • UK Mortgages
  • Scotland Mortgages
  • Wales Mortgages
  • France Mortgages
  • Portugal Mortgages
  • Dubai Mortgages
  • Thailand Mortgages
  • Malaysia Mortgages
  • Singapore Mortgages
  • United States – USA Mortgages
  • Canada Mortgages
  • Australia Mortgages
  • Hong Kong Mortgages
  • Japan Mortgages
  • British Virgin Islands (BVI)

Mortgages For Expats

Premier Expat Mortgages has been established since 2008 to service the expat mortgage financing community and internationally based UK property investors. Along with UK expats looking for expat mortgages and mortgage refinancing we also service foreign nationals based outside of the UK that are looking for international mortgage finance for their UK property investments. With offices in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia we cover the Asia Pacific regional timezone as one of the longest serving mortgage brokers for expat mortgage recipients. We have forged close links not only with the traditional high street mortgage lenders but also with non-bank lenders and many private banks eager to lend their mortgage funds to the highly paid expat and foreign based investor community based overseas. Our expat mortgage lenders are based in the not only in the UK but also around the world so we have a wide selection of lenders and over 45 different mortgage providers and 85 expat mortgage products to choose from. As a fully independent expat mortgage broker we are able to source mortgages from the whole of market enabling us to find the most competitive expat mortgage deals for our clients. We source and at times negotiate the most competitive expat mortgage terms available across all our lenders. We offer buy to let mortgages along with residential mortgages for clients that want to keep a base in the UK for when they return home on holiday or after their expat mortgage assignments come to an end. As a potential mortgage client you do not have to be based in the Asia Pacific region to use out mortgage service. Many of our clients are based around the world and live in countries such as the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and many many more countries.  Our mortgage specialists have extensive experience built up over the last 12 years so dont hesitate in getting in touch even if you have been unsuccessful with other mortgage brokers. We pride ourselves in finding solutions to the most difficult expat mortgage cases.

Expat Residential Mortgages In The UK

As a mortgage broker that focuses on serving expats and overseas foreign nationals we arrange financing for both types of client. If you are looking to return to the UK or are looking to have your own residential property that you can stay in when returning for a holiday or vacation. There are some special terms that the lender likes to see for a UK residential mortgage which we will be happy to discuss with any potential inquiries, either from expat clients based in the UK, or overseas based international  and expat clients looking for a move to the United Kingdom to live permanently.

Life Insurance For Expats

Through our dealings with mortgage clients we specialise in providing expat life insurance as we uncover that some clients dont have the correct life insurance policies in place to cover any unforeseen event. Having the right level of life insurance cover is vital and we can at your request carry out a life insurance assessment whilst preparing your mortgage agreement in principle for you.  Every expatriate overseas has a different set of individual circumstances that are clearly unique, and your cover will need to reflect this. For example, an accident in the family may result in higher medical costs for non-nationals depending on where you are, as will extras, such as an interpreter, if required. For global expats, it is important to arrange insurance policies that have international life insurance coverage that enable you to move countries without having to re-new your life insurance cover every time you move  to a new destination. Always inform your insurance company if you move to a posting in a new country as the rate, level and type of cover may need adjusting. In effect, this could mean changing or updating your policy every time you move. An easier solution could be to take out a global life policy that can move with you, and your family wherever you are in the world. Expat Life Insurance provides a vital protection against the impact of unexpected events and should be tailor-made to reflect you and your family’s needs and circumstances. We strongly recommend you consider life insurance that provides critical illness cover as part of the main policy.

UK Investment Property

As inner London becomes increasingly less affordable, young professionals are beginning to move to towns within commutable distance of the capital. With regards to property investment, will 2018 be the year of the commuter town or will the northern cities such as Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool show more favorable returns that that shown of London over the past 3 years.  UK Investment Property property for overseas expatriate investors has always been a very good investment choice because of the growth potential.  The London property investment market has been very popular because of the growth in the London market from overseas buyers over the last few years. We previously only covered Central London investment property as we still do but due to ever increasing demand from overseas buyers we now work with developers presenting great value investment properties in Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham also. Our close links with developers mean that we have access to fully completed and tenanted properties ready for sale and also new build properties with completions ranging from 6 months to 18 months completion deadlines. If you are purchasing a buy to let property we can also provide property furnishing packages to rent or lease and you don’t even have to set foot in the UK as we can assist with the handover of keys and the furniture installation and set-up. The property rental market is ever growing and we work in conjunction with one of the fastest growing range of diverse developers offering great modern properties that will suit your expatriate property portfolio with their modern designs and local locations.

Expat Secured Loans and Bridging Finance

Other financing s areas we assist in are expat secured loans, development loans, expat bridging finance and expatriate commercial mortgages. Our links with lenders can provide unique financing options for offshore expatriates and  expat UK secured loans on existing UK property whether that be buy to let or buy to live. We currently have developed a unique relationship with a great lender offering 50% expat mortgage financing on buy to lets and buy to let portfolios with minimum underwriting and agreement in principles secured within 24 to 48 hours.

Wealth Management and Pension Transfer Advice

Another area we assist clients with is Wealth Management and pension transfer advice whereby we can assist them in creating, managing and protecting their wealth. We help them in areas such as Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, Expat Life Insurance and also UK Income Tax. Our aim is to see where our clients finances are today and then where they wish to be financially at retirement. We do this by by providing advice on suitable investment vehicles such as pensions, investments and savings, Expat Life Insurance and Critical Illness Cover and then having regular quarterly or half yearly meetings to make sure the investments are on track. We work to a long term slow and steady investment approach looking for slow and regular gains and using the compounding effect of investment management to grow your funds with low risk principles. You can see more about this at our other websites UK Expat Pension Reviews and Premier Expat Investments

Our expertise and experience is in creating an individual solution for overseas residents and expats for any of our services. We cater for international clients earning in foreign currencies where ever in the world they may be based. Lending can be arranged for the countries listed below:

Santander Expat MortgagesHSBC Expat MortgagesNatwest Expat MortgagesBarclays Expat MortgagesHalifax Expat Mortgages


* Services intrested in

Mortgage Calculator

Where can you find a UK mortgage as an expat?

If you are an expat looking to buy or refinance UK property the choice of lenders who will deal with you will depend on your circumstances and where you are based in the world.

Some UK high street banks have international arms which provide solutions to expats however the criteria for each of these lenders will differ. Criteria could include minimum loan size, the country you are based in, employment status, how long you have been an expat, your income and your age.

We have strong relationships with UK and international banks that provide expat finance including specialist lenders who can offer innovative lending for more complex scenarios. Salary in a foreign currency is not usually an issue for private lenders, nor is complex income, including earnings from stocks, shares and other investments. This means your whole income can be considered when calculating affordability.

Fees: Investment property purchases because of their investment role tend to attract higher fees charged by the lender and the broker. Here at Premier Expat Mortgages we understand the case of keeping these as low as possible. With broker fees of up to 2% and lender arrangement fees as high as 3% we aim to work with the client to save them monies wherever possible. Get in touch and tell us what you broker is charging and we guarantee to beat them with a lower broker fee.

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