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Premier Expat Mortgages are UK expat mortgage specialists established to service the financing needs for ex-pats based overseas looking for UK expatriate mortgages. As an Asia and overseas based expat mortgage broker we are perfectly placed time zone wise between the U.A.E and Asia to offer advice on expat buy to let mortgages and expat residential mortgages for when UK nationals abroad are ready to return to the UK. Being an independent offshore mortgage broker we select expat financing from high street lenders, offshore lenders and also bespoke private banks which enable us to source the most competitive lending around for expatriates.

Our approach is to work with each individual expat mortgage enquiry with a holistic view and tailor the mortgage to suit the individuals requirement. As we are based in Asia there will always be someone available to chat with on the telephone or by email as we are living in a similar or the same expatriate time zone. Premier Expat Mortgages not only helps clients with UK mortgages but can also assist with international mortgages abroad and worldwide.

Buy to let mortgages for expats and new UK expatriate mortgages are also available to offshore companies such as BVI companies with a personal guarantee from the client. Although these mortgages are harder to obtain we do have links with lenders that specialize in UK expat mortgages and have a more open mind to credit scoring these mortgage applications. With adequate tax planning from a qualified tax planner there is the opportunity for overseas expatriates and their offshore companies to hold the portfolios in trust for their loved ones and family.

Residential UK mortgages for ex-pats abroad that are planning on returning to the UK can be tricky to secure in this day of the post credit crunch era. This is because of the lenders credit it scoring system will expect to see earnings of at least 6 months in the UK so they can assess your credit rating. We can help by using our panel of offshore lenders that will allow you to take out an ex pat buy to let mortgage when you are offshore then they will grant permission to change this to a UK residential mortgage on your return to the UK.

With the increasing media reports of demand from overseas buyers there is a growing market for expat buy to let re-mortgages. This allows investors to release equity to make further property purchases and to help expand their expat portfolio or even just to release cash from their property. Overseas expats can refinance to reduce their existing rate to save money on their monthly repayments. All of the lenders on our overseas mortgage panel allow both types of refinancing. We can help assess your needs and provide the most suitable advice on which products are ideal from our overseas and UK lenders. We can also secure should the client wish mortgages in AUD/SGD as well as GBP.

What expenses can you offset against rental income*

HMRC considers any costs that are essential to performing your duties as a landlord or maintaining the property to be “allowable expenses”. As mentioned earlier, offsetting these expenses against your rental income could significantly reduce your income tax bill.

Allowable expenses include:

Interest on a mortgage taken out on the property.

Buildings and contents insurance.

Professional/legal fees.

Council tax.

Travel costs to collect rent.


Advertising the property for rent.

What expenses can you offset against Capital Gains Tax*

Like income tax, you can offset some of your expenses against your capital gains tax bill. These include:

Mortgage broker fees

Solicitors and conveyancing fees.

Estate agents fees.

Expenses incurred when improving the property.

Advertising the property for sale.

Stamp Duty. HMRC Stamp Duty

If you make a loss when selling the property, you may be able to deduct this from any other capital gains during that tax year or in the future.

*Please ensure you keep up to date on the HMRC website for the latest information on offsetting any reductions

Note: We do not publish lender rates and fee’s or lender Loan To Value lending as they are constantly changing. We generally provide  these on the after a thorough fact find after our first meeting with the client.

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